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Smart ProjectWise Solutions from Cadventure

Our focus is on delivering elegant and practical project information management solutions for our clients using Bentley’s ProjectWise CDE. We do this in the context of your information management strategy and your project requirements.

Revitalise your engagement with 3D digital design procedures by harnessing the efforts you’re currently investing. Transition towards a data-focused strategy, capitalising on the benefits of digital twins and Bentley’s infrastructure frameworks. Elevate your outcomes, distinguish yourself through superior quality designs, and tap into fresh commercial possibilities.

  • Craft and coordinate digital twins during the design phase and dynamically engage your data throughout the design journey.
  • Exploit the strength of your data to provide deliverables ready for IoT applications.
  • Apply Bentley’s Infrastructure Frameworks to harmonise data from various disciplines.
  • Enhance design quality and infuse real-world relevance into your project by integrating engineering and reality data in your models.
  • Mitigate project risks and address design challenges through collaborative, cross-disciplinary design evaluations.
  • Investigate innovative analytical approaches to address client needs regarding sustainability and carbon requirements.

Unlock the potential of your intellectual assets. Data-oriented asset intelligence empowers you to significantly enhance the efficiency, safety, and quality of future projects, thereby industrialising project execution.

  • Utilise instinctive search functions and adaptable hierarchies to swiftly locate your needs across your portfolio. The key to learning from and re-utilising assets lies in effective retrieval.
  • Trim design timelines from days to mere hours by utilising cloud-based digital component management and library services.
  • Apply Bentley’s Infrastructure Frameworks to harmonise data from various disciplines.
  • Propel standardisation, automation, and the replication of design objects to attain superior quality designs.
  • Incorporate situational best practices via workflows and purpose-tailored templates to encourage standard usage of your top practices.
  • Exploit data across your portfolio to extract insights, subsequently facilitating the creation of novel business models.

Your data forms the bedrock of your organisation. You produce voluminous amounts of data through contemporary design tools and processes. Guarantee your intricate project team has secure, timely access to the appropriate information with comprehensive data stewardship.

Optimise Your Data Value with ProjectWise, Enhanced by iTwin

  • Administer and distribute project information based on roles to maintain consistency within dynamic teams.
  • Protect your data with secure federated login that regulates information access based on user identity.
  • Engage with supply chain partners utilising explicit data access protocols and task lists.
  • Propel standardisation, automation, and the replication of design objects to attain superior quality designs.
  • Uphold industry and project standards, including ISO19650, through automated graphical workflows.
  • Manage data revisions using intelligent workflows and templates that certify information is appropriately organised.

Without a purpose-built management solution, engineering work-in-progress (WIP) is prone to communication lapses, routine delays, and expensive modifications. ProjectWise has effectively addressed these challenges for over two decades, and Bentley continues to affirm its dedication to top-tier infrastructure engineering WIP through more intuitive and seamlessly integrated ProjectWise functionalities than ever before.

  • Streamline collaboration through the integrated co-authoring of Microsoft 365 documents.
  • Institute design consistency across remote project teams via reference file management.
  • Engage with supply chain partners utilising explicit data access protocols and task lists.
  • Uphold project standards through regulated workspaces.
  • Position your company for a seamless transition towards digital delivery.
  • Guarantee compliance with BIM prerequisites throughout the design process using change log history and a fully traceable audit trail.

With over twenty-years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the latest tools and techniques, our experts collaborate closely with our clients to understand your specific requirements and provide bespoke services to achieve your project goals.

Our services range from setting up your ProjectWise environment from scratch, streamlining workflows, upgrading you to the latest versions, migrating data, training your teams, and optimising processes to unleash the full potential of your CDE. We help you to unlock additional functionality to scale adoption, increase productivity and deliver return on your investment.

Alongside this we deliver expert services in SYNCHRO and BCDE covering the full potential of Bentley’s Infrastructure Cloud.

Unlike any other consultants, Cadventure have our own ProjectWise environment. We use this to develop and test our solutions rather than doing it live on your environment. We are backed by access to Bentley’s product development team. This means that our service delivery team will always be at the forefront of new enhancements to Bentley technology.

Browse our website to learn more about our offerings, and feel free to reach out to us for any queries or project discussions. Let’s work together to empower your team to achieve your goals in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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